About Me, George Ortiz!


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As a photographer I am passionate about capturing that moment in time that will never repeat itself again. That moment when your portrait subject takes off the mask that we all wear and reveals themselves to you. The second the guitar player rolls his eyes into the back of his or her head, the drummer hits that sweet groove, and singer closes their eyes and belts out those lyrics to an enraptured audience. Those are the moments that I strive to capture. Anyone can take a snapshot? But can you inspire? Can you evoke a feeling, or harken a viewer to a moment in time? Can you create an image or portrait that reveals what we normally don't see with our eyes? We all move so fast through time that we miss many of the the intimate details that pass right before our eyes, we can recall moments in our memory but exact intimate details can escape us. I strive to seize those snippets in time, those intimate moments and share them with the viewer.

That feeling of capturing a special moment that I know I want to share with others, is the fuel that keeps the fire burning bright.  Photographers are documentarians of things we have seen on our journey. I strive to evoke, to stir the viewer, to share the awesome things I've seen on my journey.           

Henri Cartier-Bresson said “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” 

I've surpassed that milestone many years ago but as my own harshest critic I'm always battling that inner critic and striving to improve. It's the constant learning curve, the quest for  knowledge, and the drive to capture an iconic image that motivates my constant assault on the summit.          

George Ortiz grew up in Southern California, and began shooting professionally in the mid 80's. His work has appeared in Los Angeles and national daily, and weekly periodicals. His work has consisted of lifestyle, corporate headshots, portraits, pro sports, & live music. Although live music will always be his passion.